It's a comic... about a comic book shop.

Colin and Sam run the Splash Page, a pretty nice little comic book store. Everything seems great as they welcome a new employee, Nate, and their old friend Mackenzine comes back into town...

Then all hell breaks loose.

rival shop opens up across the street, and they are out for revenge on Colin and Sam.

What does this rival shop want? Who are they? Will the Splash Page survive? Will Colin stop being a jerk? Can Sam hold it all together? WHAT WHO HUH?!

Shia "Transformers" LaBeouf gave a "thumbs up" to the books as he passed by the VNM table at C2E2 in 2012, so you know it must be good! ...or maybe he's gonna rip us off. EITHER WAY...

VERY NEAR MINT volumes 1, 2 & 3

Written and Illustrated by Justin Peterson


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